Prompt Same Day Service: Your Paid Credit Consultation Support begins the same day you complete the contract agreement and identify questionable negative items on your credit reports.

No Hidden Fees:
Our regular our service covers credit bureau disputes and client support. We do not bill per deletion. All services letters and electronic deletions are performed monthly. No matter if we complete the repair of your report in 3/ 4/ or 6 months, you are all paid and need not worry that you owe us any further payment.

Free Support: We offer toll-free phone support as well as free email and chat support at no cost to you. It's our way of ensuring top-notch client service.

Cancel Anytime Without Penalty: We charge for our credit repair services one time, this is a full service credit consulting service we do all the work and you pay us for the resources we use to get the job done!  While we recommend retaining the services of our firm for at least 12 months, and were telling you to expect extreme results  with in 3-4 months; you are free to cancel the service at any time without penalty or further obligation.

Full Money Back Guarantee: Our services are backed by a full refund policy. If we fail to provide the agreed-upon services to you; you will not be expected to pay another dime toward your credit repair service!  If we are unable to remove any tradeline or dispute we will refund your fees prorated for the unfullfilled portion of your service!  

Strengthening your credit profile is one of the most important financial decisions you can make.  Wel help you achieve your optimal credit profile by making the credit restoration process quick, personal, and effective. Our credit repair program can give you the ability to finance a home, get a vehicle loan, or obtain low interest credit cards. The most dynamic and successful credit restoration program in the industry is now at your finger tips.

We offers the most effective, successful, ethical and legal credit deletion results possible. There are two important reasons why our product virtually sells itself.  First and foremost, our credit deletion program provides results.  The results our credit repair program provides are permanent.  That’s right… You will have derogatory trade lines permanently deleted from our credit report.

The second reason our product virtually sells itself is due to our 100% guarantee of success, or no payment.  Do you know of any other company with a more powerful Unique Selling Proposition as a FULL 100% Guarantee of Success?  We believe that we are one of the only credit repair programs that back up their claims with such a powerful guarantee.

Our Guarantee

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Our company utilizes internet-based communications for all inbound inquiries and a combination of email, phone, and remote assistance for an expeditious resolution. No more leaving messages in phantom voice mailboxes, waiting in long telephone queues only to be disconnected before submitting your question. Our clients have embraced this proven support model because it provides a very high level of service while maintaining a very inexpensive pricing structure.

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